Key Partners


Partnerships provide an important platform for advancing cooperation on migration. IOM plays a key role in supporting partnerships and the means to collaborate at national, regional, and global levels for better and more effective migration management.

IOM and the Labour Mobility and human Development Division (LHD) recognizes that achieving sustainable institutional and local human resource development in Somalia requires us to work in close collaboration with Government entities in Somalia, Somali diaspora community, district administrations, donor partners, the civil society, communities based organizations and the wider international community, at local, national, regional and international levels.

In Somalia, IOM works with: 

The federal government of Somalia
Puntland state of Somalia
South west state of Somalia
Jubaland state of Somalia



Worldwide Somali Student and Professionals (WSSP):

The WSSP is the world's largest student and professional body of Somalis. WSSP is a non-political, non-profit entity created to connect Somali student associations and professionals in the diaspora to facilitate capacity building. WSSP is engaged in a number of grass-root programmes such as seminars, careers events and funding raising efforts for Somali communities. Their flagship capacity building programme has facilitated knowledge transfer to institutions in Somalia via Somali volunteers from the diaspora in the fields of education, healthcare and agriculture.


3.    DONORS

The following Donors have generously supported the MIDA Somalia Programme:



If you are interested in becoming a partner, send an email to State "How to be a Partner" in the subject line of the email and describe briefly your idea of partnership. Send your contact details in order for us to be able to respond.