Call for proposal for social and entrepreneurial projects

Posted on: 02 Dec 2014



TERMS OF REFERENCE- Provision of business-start up and management training service for socio-entrepreneurial projects to Somali diaspora and their Somali partners in Somalia/Somaliland


Position title:                                    Training service on social business start-up and management

Location:                                    Hargeisa, Somaliland

Reporting directly to:                IOM MIDA Program Managers in Nairobi

Overall supervision by:             IOM MIDA Program Managersin Nairobi

Managerial responsibility:        No

Duration of Assignment:            7 days

Starting date:                              25-31 January, 2015

Deadline for applications            19 December, 2014





The service provision to which the present Terms of Reference (ToR) refers will contribute to the implementation of some activities planned under the Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) Women Somalia II project, implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and funded by the Italian Development Cooperation in 2014.


The MIDA strategy embraced by IOM since 2001 promotes and supports an innovating approach in International Cooperation, aiming at making migrants active in the socio-economic growth of their countries of origin, by identifying sustainable mechanisms of human and financial resources channelling and finding possible synergies between communities of origin and destination, in a co-development perspective.


A socio-economic trend whose importance is increasing more and more in Somalia, above all with the consolidation of the military gains and the implementation of the stabilization process, is the prominent role played by the Somali diaspora. Their contributions in promoting/supporting the development and reconstruction of the fragile Somali state have been officially recognized by the international community and the Somali Government as absolutely essential.


In particular, the MIDA projects in Somalia/Somaliland originated from consultations with the Somali diaspora and contributed to enhance the role of Somali migrant women in Italy for the rehabilitation of the country as well as to assess their networking capacities to design and support viable socio-entrepreneurial initiatives. The MIDA Women Somalia II project, building on the lessons learnt from the implementation of Phase I, will contribute to the ongoing process of stabilization and development of Somalia/Somaliland by mobilizing skilled migrants and their professional networks in Italy and Somalia/Somaliland, with particular attention to activities promoted by associations of Somali women, engaging them in transferring their professional, social and economic resources.


MIDA Women Somalia II will support, through co-funding, viable economic and social development projects, focusing on agriculture and food security, health and vulnerable groups, such as IDPs – all in a gender equality perspective and particularly oriented to support women and women’s associations - enhancing the role of the Somali diaspora in Italy towards their home country, in a decentralized cooperation and co-development perspective, involving the support of Italian local institutions and NGOs and CSOs in Somalia. In this perspective, IOM launched a call for proposals and is currently collecting applications from Somali diaspora associations in Italy; the best project ideas will be selected in December 2014 by a Selection Committee and the implementation of the selected socio-economic projects in Somalia/Somaliland will start in February 2015 at the latest. The projects will be directly implemented by local NGOs/CSOs with the assistance of the partner diaspora associations which had submitted the project proposals and Somali vulnerable women will be the beneficiaries of the projects.




IOM wants to recruit a Somali consultancy firm which will be in charge of organizing and delivering a 7-day capacity-building training for the abovementioned Somali diaspora and partner Somali NGOs/CSOs on how to effectively start-up and manage small socio-economic businesses in Somalia/Somaliland.


More specifically, the service provider will:









The training on small socio-economic business start-up and management will last 7 days, from January 25th to January 31st, 2015. The selected service provider will be required to submit and have fully approved by IOM a detailed training plan by January 15th, 2015 and will submit a detailed training report describing the training activities and their impact on the trainees within 5 working days from the completion of the training activities.


The breakdown of responsibilities as per the specified timeframe is as follows:








The selected service provider will be coordinating with and reporting to the IOM Project Manager and Project Officer in Nairobi and will deliver the service in close collaboration with IOM Somalia field offices in Mogadishu (Federal Republic of Somalia), Garowe and Bosaso (Puntland State of Somalia) and Hargeisa (Somaliland).




Service provider’s performance will be evaluated against timeliness, responsibility, initiative, communication, accuracy, and overall quality of the delivered products.




IOM would therefore like to invite all the interested qualified training institutions/firms to provide the services outlined in this Terms of Reference. Proposals should include, as a minimum:


The above documents should be accompanied by a covering letter from the company with a signature of the Chair Person, contact details of a focal person and the stamp of the company.




Interested qualified organizations are requested to send a scanned copy of each of the documents listed above to the following email address:  


In case of clarification, please contact IOM Somalia at


Applications shall not be considered for evaluation in any of the following cases:


a)   Late submission, i.e., after the set deadline;

b)   Failure to submit any of the technical requirements and provisions as indicated in this Terms of Reference.


Deadline for submission of the applications is 19 December, 2014 at 6:00 P.M. Nairobi Time (GMT +3).




The total amount to be remunerated to the service provider will be based on the selected service provider’s profile (proved experience and expertise in the area of interest) and will not exceed USD 15,000.


The service provider will be compensated according to the following schedule:


  1. 15% paid upon submission of the final training plan
  2. 60% paid upon completion of the training activities
  3. The balance of 25% paid upon satisfactory submission of the final training report.